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Bull Thieves

by Bull Thieves

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released December 28, 2010



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Bull Thieves New York, New York

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Track Name: Sons Of The Morning Town
we are all afraid again
we are all safe again
Track Name: The Auld Haunts
it’s beginning to have to sound the same
and here we go we’re all expected to explain
exactly what these habits have wasted
all throughout the night
e’en though we know our way around
but that’s the event, the sting, the caustic kind of thing we know
that blesses away the afternoons we sing
so when they’re coming to ask us
all we really have to do is throw our weight around
and so we win and so we happen to think
we washed this down the sink on time
and fought it to place our hands atop our drinks
so when the porter returns to replace absentees
oh well he’ll make another round
it is divined and the cross will lay wide along the top
and singing ‘oh, we are praised here,’ make us room to stop
because the handles will turn with nary but a touch
and see we’re finally coming down
but it’s all burning
Track Name: Summer Clothes For Anne Marie
oh, it’s late, it’s late, it’s late
she told me
and i’ve half-forgotten
these things explode and wash us all clean
but i still feel so dirty...
she’s said this before
well, it’s all beyond me
go home and clear your head boy
it’s banged up and bruised and it’s all gone so rusty
the way that you been living...
oh it’s straight, it’s straight, it’s straight and forty
past eleven twenty
the sidewalk’s been rolled
and i’ve just pushed all this down
babe you got nothing for me
he stepped on the stem
and we’re slipping on the seeds...
he left the windows open!
but nothing’s been closed
that weren’t locked up already
so i’m dressed for summertime
brave the shore
the stay is slow
only when you’re outside looking in
Track Name: The Quiet
i’ve got just a slight reservation
so high but it ain’t the elevation
i sleep late when i take my medication
it’s all too lame just a little too tame and i’m oft to blame
sold out on this low-slung vacation
i train better hung high across the waist and
i learned my fires on the beaches of the west end
in them black tents behind the fence out at indian
so jeanne won’t you sing jeanne won’t you sing
i can’t hear a thing when it rings
but i’m tryin when i’m dryin out
i’m sleepin with the sun on my face and
it’s black and whiter where i never coulda filled in
the highest reaches of the lowest men i’ve seen and
they’ve got nothin to retain so it’s all the same
fire reachin to the rafters in my basement
and violating in the place where i have laid this
it’s quieter when you’ve got nothing else to taste then
tryin talkin to the pain but it’s all in vain
so jeanne won’t you sing jeanne won’t you sing
i can’t hear a thing when it rings but i’m tryin when i’m dryin out
so much for the old occupation
i’m flyin better when i’m more than half awake and
i’ve got it lined up for another month of weekend
i’m safe to sing without the rings and that’s everything
Track Name: On Laza's Tab
brace yourself atop the ledge across the bridge and wait
so only you could see to shore it up and maybe block the plate
so only we could see and scurry up
pics of false boys walkin the streets so only
hang them up and pair them with
all these false girls cupping their teets so only
supple things we’ve trained our wings
with these here expecting to sway so only
kiss the rings and pressing things pushed down
and with all of our weight so only
the bleeding rush and after gush in which i have nothing to hide
so only take it rushed when i’m to hush
and hold this inside of my thigh so only
it was sunny when you tried to put out all the flames
and ordinary by my count
oh! the blame
laza said it’s bolted up aside from where we had shamed so
only take me back into the shed and do that damage to me so only
diamond rings the strangest things
have kept all of this out at bay so only
another string directing me to hold you open all day
you gotta believe that it was sunny when you tried to put out all the flames
and ordinary by my count
oh! the blame
Track Name: Slippin On The Dry Spots
oh yes franchesca i can call it like i see
and this name belongs to me so the pain is here to stay
but it doesn’t have to sting
when we drop our underthings
and i wouldn’t do a thing different any other way
bold, standing stout when i’m singing this so loud
and it’s snowing on the crowd
while it’s shining on your face
so lady don’t expect that i won’t turn out a wreck
when i’m skidding down the tracks
and you’re in the turning lane
i’m standing in the aisles, wet
slow down
and slippin on the dry spots
hold out
you don’t have to explain why you’re always away
it’s a thousand times a day
that i’m remembering your face
and while you extend yourself to other ends
i could get some other friends
but they couldn’t even pretend
i’m standing in the aisles, wet!
slow down
and slippin on the dry spots
hold out
it’s a pain to explain and blow out
like a struggle for a loud man slows down
so we can fight and i’ll hold myself upright
staying prone throughout the night
while i wait for you to bite
and i’ve come to understand
how we came up with this plan
babe, i’m gonna be your man
so let’s blanket here tonight
Track Name: Nervous
no one slept at all
we paced the halls and made some calls
is it possible they would never stand for
all this fretting and frimming and sweating
i’m thinning...
yeah it’s possible
and so we’ve gone it all alone
and made it known this is what we own
to hear the glow through the walls to the route
on my roof through the panes of your back window
for the ticking and pricking we’re wicking our brows
cool down all night while the lights are out
with our ears pressed firm for a scream
or a moan or a shout or a wink
well we lost the tone
so the bad boy steps to the moon from the womb
and we see we couldn’t buy ourselves a doubt
but his fists are blue
and it’s on the news
and it’s everything that you thought you knew
but it’s the same for all these years
and your hands are in the flames
it has sustained for all these years
and no one can burn me out
because we’ve been saints for all these years
no one can quite complain
so we’ll be devils a thousand years and no one will lose control
is it possible?
yeah it’s possible
so the boy can take his early breaths
coming up from the depth all these eyes are wet
and the sleeves are loose
we have heard the truth coming through the walls
going through the roof
and when we hear that sound it’s out
oh lord, the dust...
tell us only how
we’ll get the silver out
and when the brooms fill the rooms
then, maybe then, you’ll remember our noons
they are contained in this right here
misshapen, aloft and all
such a stain that won’t adhere
and all of you knew this
that we’ve been saints for all these years
but no one would quite complain
so we’ll be devils a thousand years
and no one will lose control
is it possible?
yeah it’s possible
Track Name: House Of Atmospheres
old elliot lake the fire escapes
we have pulled up the blinds
and burned down the drapes
to sip from the lids with the wine at our feet
while the light soaks first but then retreats
well i’m scorched to the roots
and we are all made of skin
these things begin when we write resumes
to protect the brood that we’ll have one day
they’ll be out of control you say…
and the boys in louisiana made the same mistakes
we’ll fire things in the sun while we’re pouring drinks
the angle’s changed
we are out here alone
and the only thing quieter’s the telephone
the skies will rage while we wet our faces
at the river while we shiver and there’s still no haste
i knew where you’d be that night
because i would go to get away from this
and girl, we haven’t really grown...
the morning that i was fired
i had brought my box and crashed on the way home
oh, man it had to stop
came time my boys all would disappear
ways i would speak and they’d never hear
so we’ll sleep in the store in the thunderstorm
flood waters rage and the winds enforce
can’t choke ourselves with the same length of rope
we’ve left it all out i’d hope
regine, you are wounded
you are bleeding
and you are left out in the wild
in the scope of all these predators
young hunters of the land
you’re getting older–be worried
don’t stumble, don’t slow
eek it out, boy
but don’t sleep in no caves
they’re turning over rocks
Track Name: Across The Ice
oh it’s best to take the angles in
slow to see me tucking both wings in
put your face to the ground
and hear what i will say
it’s a ways into town
been burning here all day
and if it won’t burn or freeze
but something in between
it fades out soon
go and find a way to reel it in
it’s sewn, so wear it boy
you’re out again
if i stay til i drown i’ll find a fighting weight
if it plays all the way out i’m gonna bleed and faint
and if it won’t heal or bleed
but something in between
it fades out soon
so when so when it’s open
so when so when we’re broken
i got your message it’s what we’re made of
fade into
i got your message it’s what we’re made of
fading to
flowing loosest where i damned it thin
you know i set this to break loose again
cos if it’s not your or me
but someone in between
it fades out soon
Track Name: My Sheep Still Sleeps In Your Meadow
i roamed in another place
and i always had a price to pay to the floor
see, the old boys barely ever count
while the faces scream and shout
“there’s so many other ways!”
with worn hands the bricks were put down
to look like every face in this town
there’s still a few things that i gotta figure out
everybody made the same mistakes
upright in the wind to accept the post
while the boardwalk burns to the ground
and see now our shoreline’s surely gonna drown
so we’re on to some better things
with bad moonlight under our wings
and all the priests have trimmed their sleeves
with unheard sermons hung up in the eaves
but i’m never gonna sleep if i’m never gonna own it
no, you’re never gonna sleep
if you’re never gonna own it
so don’t stay
but don’t go